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Gustavo practices Yoga since the year 2000 studying for many years with Stefan Dreher, and later studying continuously for many years with Willy Bok & Rita Poelvoerde. All of them Iyengar yoga teachers.

Before Yoga, Gustavo was dancer, performer and teacher in many countries:in professional companies, contemporary dance schools, universities, festivals etc. Gustavo is also vocalist, recordist, composer and speaks fluently many languages.

«We all have natural qualities. With accessible & efficient method everyone can awaken/increase body and mind qualities.»



Kayoko has been practicing different kinds of yoga and approaching bodywork for many years. She focuses on Iyengar Yoga since 2010, following training with Willy Bok and Rita Poelvoerde. She is japanese, contemporary dancer/performer and works with many choreographers and artists in Belgium and abroad.


Nora is from Barcelona, she studied Contemporary dance and Classical Ballet in "Area, dance and creation school", in Barcelona. Then she attended the Experimental Contemporary Dance School of Salzburg, Austria. Since 2010 she lives in Brussels and constantly practices Iyengar Yoga with Willy Bok and Rita Poelvoerde. She is regularly teaching yoga for the last two years.

«Both in Yoga and dance, i always focused on the understanding of the body and it's functioning. Human body is a fantastic means of communications , which we must renew constantly with will, desire and peace.»



Virginie practices Iyengar Yoga since 2008. The accuracy, power and the therapeutic properties of this way practicing of yoga were a revelation for her. All mental & physical layers are stimulated, making it, to her understanding, an ultra complete discipline. She continued her practice with Willy Bok and Rita Poelvoorde.

During her youth, Virginie also practiced ballet for 10 years. She is also theater writer/director and actress.


Matilde practices and studies yoga since 2004. She learned from many Iyengar yoga teachers in Brussels, France, India and Spain, where she comes from. She also studied dance, anatomy, somatic approaches such as Feldenkrais, and loves philosophy and meditation. Her wish is to evolve towards a respectful, holistic and integrated practice.

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